About Us

We’re a wife & husband team that bid adieu to India in the summer of 2015 in search of new adventures (and the best maple syrup!) and Toronto, our new home, embraced us with open arms.

As first generation Canadian immigrants though, there’s one thing I can tell you with utmost certainty; even though the two of us are global citizens that have moved across oceans, we’re still deeply rooted to India, insofar as we carry a slice of it everywhere we go.

More importantly, we’re driven by nostalgia. A lot of nostalgia for the land, the people & the stories we left behind. It's this very nostalgia that drove us to start Katha and you’ll also see it peppered all across our store, in our product curation & even in the names of our products.

So sit back, relax & let us take you on a vicarious little journey to India

The What & The Why

India is home to an array of majestic art forms & some of the most intricate craftsmanship, more often than not originating from the heartland of the country. More the artforms, more the stories of artisan families that are working tirelessly to keep these artforms alive and make a sustainable livelihood while they’re at it.

Our vision for Katha is pretty uncomplicated. We want to share the story of India’s diversity, art & uber rich heritage through curated, artisanal handcrafted products that are made only in small batches using safe, sustainable materials. We hope to spark joy and add a dash of extra color to the daily lives of Canadians.

Moreover, bringing India’s traditional artforms to the forefront and supporting artisan communities is our little attempt at preserving these artforms while carrying forward the legacy of our cultural heritage. Even if we can make an iota of difference, I’d count that as a win.