COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Hey folks,

As the COVID-19 situation in Ontario (and Canada) continues to evolve pretty much every day, our absolute top priority continues to be the health & safety of our customers, our team and our community.

Here are some of the steps we've taken at Katha to ensure the safety of our patrons and your shipments:

1) We're fully vaccinated (triple vaxxed)

2) We thoroughly wash our hands (almost obsessively so) and wear disposable gloves (as far as possible) before handling your products/packaging

3) We keep our workstations/product & packaging areas clean and disinfect regularly as needed

4) When a member of team Katha meets you to hand your package (should you choose to go the local pick up route), you can expect us to be masked and we kindly request you, the patron, to be masked as well so we can continue to keep up our safety regimen

We're all in this together, friends, and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe out there. Most importantly though, this too shall pass!


Team Katha